Referral and

Online and phone referral options available.
Prior to official opening hours, the phones will be managed by a senior member of staff to direct and receive enquiries for incoming or complicated cases.

We endeavour to communicate with referring vets regarding all accepted patients at presentation and discharge to include all parties in regard to overnight and discharge with the inclusion of treatment summaries.

We aim to provide an after hours service that works as a continuation of referring veterinary practise treatment rather than to exploit cases and clients toward tertiary referrals.

Small scale, fully equipped and architect designed ICU hospital with skilled and experienced staff will allow for optimal management of both walk in and referred critical care patients promptly

Specialist Surgical Clinics offered on site at a convenient location by appointment only

Internal Referrals
For cases mutually determined to be requiring of 24/7 care and unsuitable for general practice transfer, the option for transfer by a veterinary nurse to PESC for ICU style critical care will exist.

Elective specialist surgery referrals will be offered to Dr. Chris Preston unless specific input / preference indicated by the referring veterinarian / client

Our Services

  • Emergency Surgery (caesarian, splenectomy, cystotomy, soft tissue, GDV, intestinal surgery)
  • CPR
  • Snake Bite detection kits and Anti-venom
  • Specialist On call Surgeon for Critical Intervention and Neurosurgery
  • Feeding Tube Placement (Naso-oesophageal and PEG tube)
  • Urinary Catheterisation

Our Equipment

  • In house Comprehensive Laboratory
  • Diagnostics Ultrasound
  • Digital Radiology
  • Comprehensive Anesthesia Monitoring
  • IV fluids, Colloids and Transfusion Products
  • Oxygen therapy
  • Comprehensive pharmacy including toxin antidotes

What sets us apart?


Determined to deliver a high level of service, communication excellency, optimal pet outcomes and honest customer care

exceptional clinical communication

Comprehensive case records communicated with referring clinic for case continuity.

Emergency Medicine

Fully equipped veterinary emergency and surgery clinic with comprehensive diagnostics and skilled staff


Owner-Operated Business means we own the relationships and the quality of care given to our patients.

Overnight Packages

  • $500 package for overnight monitoring by referral only
  • Package includes: Vetarinary admission and monitoring; Continuation of IV fluids; Analgesia; Intravenous basic medications
  • Case notes provided to referring veterinarian at morning transfer

Personal & Inclusive

Individualised treatment plans to accommodate for the unique needs of each vet, client and patient.